People ebb and flow into your life with purpose

People ebb and flow into your life with purpose – known or unknown. Macy has an intuition that is like a wizard and her wand – it is inherently divined to be just suited to her – it fits and when she meets a person, her intuition guides her to her purpose and she takes swift action, getting straight to work fulfilling her purpose.

When I met Macy I was a single Mom with a big full-time job and convinced that finding time to date was impossible. I believed that the Universe would take care of putting someone in my path eventually. Macy convinced my skeptical self that the Internet was the place to go so the Universe could make things happen for me.

Today, I count my blessings and an eternally grateful for Macy when I see the love in my husband’s eyes. I met him online after almost giving up – the last email I would answer and the first one my – then suitor – ever placed. It was an instant connection with stories that crossed and made it abundantly clear that this man was my match. Macy knows how to help you love yourself so you can love and find love with others.