Before I worked with Macy, I limited my vision for love

Before I worked with Macy, I limited my vision for love. While compromise is a part of every relationship, I was willing to compromise in areas that are now deal breakers. I had almost gotten to the point of giving up on dating all together, and accepting life as a single, independent woman, even though I know I would love to have someone to share my life with.

Through the process of working with Macy, I learned so much more about myself, and solidified my relationship with ME, which is so important when embarking on finding my perfect match. I understand how I love myself will directly impact the love I receive from others. Now I have a clear vision on what I am seeking in a partner, and am excited about the process of dating. She even has me considering trying online dating again! I think this time, it will be a whole different, and much better experience for me.

I am confident that (while no one is perfect) I will find the perfect person for me…it is a matter of when, not if! I am excited to find my BIG HAPPY LOVE!