Month: April 2018


INTERVIEW WITH HEIDI ABOUT HER PERSONAL JOURNEY TO FINDING A LOVING PARTNER. 10:24 | What did you add to your life that made you like your life more? 23:20 | Responsibility and willingness to do the work to get the results. 31:40 | Love Coaching helps to develop and support the relationship

Macy Matarazzo in Blue Coat

She had a blue skin

Do you secretly think you are too weird for love? I am the odd ball. The weirdo. The freak in most circles. And you don’t even have to be a crazy eccentric to feel left out! Can you relate? My grad degree is weird (A master’s in puppetry). My home decor is really weird (paint …

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Macy Matarazzo with her cat

I am a cat lady.

I am not ashamed to admit I am a cat lady. Yesterday, I got to live it for a couple hours hanging out with Larry and 17 cats in the Denver Cat Company coffee shop. So fun Sitting there with a kitten on my lap, I flashed back to my single days right before my …

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